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About Farrell's Remodeling

Robert Farrell has 25 years of construction experience. He has been involved in all facets of home building in which he brings a wealth of knowledge unsurpassed. Meticulous in every detail that gleams threw at the end of every project. He spends the extra time needed to ensure the final results exceeds the customers imagination.

Susan Farrell has 21 years in the corporate world programming, customer service, forecasting and sales. This shows through in the Estimate, customer contact, material ordering and scheduling. She works closely with the customers from the first phone call to the project completion making sure the customer is updated and aware of their project process.

Farrell's Remodeling

Process Flow

  • The number one question we receive is how does the process work? Well, of course every project is unique, and processes can change.
  • In general, after the initial customer phone call, an appointment is made for an estimate. For the most part an Estimate is completed within 48 hours, then emailed to the customer.
  • When a customer agrees to the final Estimate, a start date is set. The customer will then receive a Selection Sheet to take with them to choose their tile. In addition, the customer chooses a countertop, paint colors for walls, ceiling, and cabinets (if applicable).
  • The customer pays the allowance amount listed on the Estimate and the materials are ordered.
  • The day everything begins…The start date. Initially Robert will begin setting up to protect the customer’s home with dust containment, floors protectors and determine a staging area. Then comes demo.
  • The plumbers, electricians and HVAC vendors come in as needed to complete their work and inspections are called in as needed.
  • Then comes our drywall guy to prepare the walls, ceilings and texture if needed.
  • Now the work really begins. The shower and tub areas are done first. If cabinets are needed, the customer and Robert will discuss the customer design (sometimes that includes Susan creating a CAD design for visual assistance).
  • Shower / tub areas are complete. Flooring is installed. Then cabinets are made and installed.
  • Countertops are installed, then the ceiling and walls are painted.
  • At the end, the customer goes through the project placing blue tape on any areas they would like touched up.
  • At last, the project is complete.